Best 5 Grip Tape For Skateboard

Grip tape is one of the most essential part of the skateboard as it provides traction control necessary to keep the foot on the board.  As the name suggests that grip tape is basically required for a strong grip for the feet of rider while performing stunts and tricks. Grip tape works even when the skateboard gets wet or moist and hence keeps the rider safe.

best skateboard grip tape

What is Grip Tape ?

Grip tape is a kind of sandpaper which is glued on to the top side of a skateboard deck.  It helps the skater to keep their balance on the skateboard while they ride the skateboard and also while performing stunts and for increasing speed as they cruise with the skateboard.

An Ideal Grip Tape

As we say that grip tape is an important part of the skateboard as it not only keeps the ride smooth and full of fun but also is high on safety.  Although we understand what a grip tape is but there are few specifications and measures that should be kept in mind before buying a grip tape. Look out for the following:


This is one of the most important aspects of the grip tape. For any grip tape to stay long on the skateboard,  stickiness is needed. The better the stickiness, the long grip tape will be working. If the grip tape has an excellent stickiness,  it means it will not be having bubbles and the surface would be smooth for long time. 

Easy to Use 

A grip tape is something you have to change after sometime, either because it gets damaged due to certain factors or because it is boring to carry on with the same tape for a very long period of time. In that case changing the grip tape should not feel like a big task,  instead it should be easy to use and install. Also, the tape should not be such that it requires an expert to apply or remove the grip tape.


Now this is something that entirely depends upon the choice of the buyer.  Go for a style that suits your style and reflects your personality as it would be your skateboard which would be designed according to your taste.  Some people choose plain or transparent grip tape while others go for colorful ones. Some people are creative enough to make their own signature style funky grip tape. We suggest that there are so many options when it comes to choosing the design, you just need to go as per your likes.

Why do we apply the Grip Tape?

A grip tape is to provide traction and grip to the rider riding the skateboard.  Grip tape has a rough surface. It provides resistance and friction between the deck and the sole of the shoe.   Without friction it will be impossible to ride the skateboard properly as there will always be the danger of you falling. Any skateboard would be incomplete without a grip tape. It provides traction necessary and also reflects your personality.  Grip tape is essential when you are performing a trick or a stunt as it keeps your feet firmly on the skateboard. You can be as creative as you wish when it comes to designing your grip tape. They come in various varieties like anti-slip, anti-skid, transparent and double sided as well. Grip tape gives control to the rider while preventing them from sliding down the skateboard.  A grip tape is must for the skateboards to give a secure footing while allowing to performing the stunts. Many people apply the grip tape in such a way so you can distinguish between nose and tail of the skateboard. Grip tape also makes the skateboard look very amusing. 

What is Grip Tape made from?

Grip tape of the skateboard is a grainy sand paper like sheet with an extremely sticky adhesive underneath the tape.  Due to this adhesive the skateboard keeps adhering to the deck. The rough surface of the grip tape consists of Silicone Carbide. Many manufacturers also use cheap materials like aluminium oxide.  The base of the grip tape is made up of a large sheet of polyester film. This polyester film also has tiny perforations in it. Due to these perforations, neither water or moisture can stay on it. The polyester film is also coated with an abrasive mineral composition silicone carbide which is sprayed to give this sand paper like texture to the grip tape.  People also use aluminium oxide just because it is a cheap material .

How to put grip tape  on skateboard?

Applying grip tape to the skateboard is not a very difficult task but a simple process that requires the work done with lots of precision and patience. Just apply the following simple instructions:

Prepare the Board

  1. Buy a good quality grip tape
  2. Set the skateboard on a flat, clean work surface.
  3. Remove any existing grip tape
  4. Get rid of anything that can ruin the tape's adhesive
  5. Clean the board properly

Taping the board

  1. Centre the grip tape over the skateboard deck
  2. Easily peel back a few inches of the paper guard placing it firmly on one end of the board.
  3. Gradually start smoothing the grip tape from one end of the grip to the other end. 
  4. Push down the tape so that there would be no bubbles. 
  5. Flatten it properly so that it covers the entire surface of the deck.

Finishing the Board

  1. Once you have properly applied the grip tape, there would be extra grips on the edges of the deck.
  2. Scrap the sides of the board until grip tape develops white edges. 
  3. Trim off the excess grip tape with the help of the knife or cutter
  4. Flatten out bubbles if any
  5. Poke holes to screw the trucks 
  6. Lastly, neat the edges.

Your skateboard is ready with your grip tape on. If you are creative person,  do not shy away to exhibit the talent. 

Best Grip Tape

After reviewing various grip tapes  we present the best ones for you


  • All in black giving it a professional look 

  • More grain and perforation for better grip

  • Provides better balance and control 

  • Simple design 
  • Durable, long lasting and wast to use


  • Expensive
  • Only In Black Color


  • Most popular among pro skaters

  • Durable and long lasting 

  • Colorful and vibrant

  • Excellent performance 
  • Water and tear proof

  • For easy application comes with hundreds of perforations 


  • Can Be hard on sole
  • Hard to cut into small pieces


  • Offers an excellent resistance to slip page 

  • Made up of high quality materials 

  • Easy to apply and remove on the skateboard

  • Sleek theme pattern design to make the board impressive 
  • Affordable and easy to use
  • No bubbles on application 


  • Not very long lasting
  • Can be prone to tearing due to moisture. 


  • All black in color

  • Boards look clean and easy to maintain 

  • Made up of high quality materials 

  • No bubbles on installation
  • Water and tear proof


  • Plain black 
  • Slippery when wet


  • Extremely durable 

  • Made of high quality materials 

  • Excellent perforations to release bubbles 

  • Choice of pro skaters 
  • Excellent grip and grit
  • Easy to apply 


  • Not very long lasting
  • Messy to use

How to clean a grip tape?

Cleaning not only makes grip tape lasts longer but also let’s it be in good condition.  Before cleaning the grip tape it is suggested that you should remove the wheels. Grip tape with extremely torn edges or worn out edges  should be removed or replaced. For cleaning grip tape we need a soft wire brush, a bowl, soapy water or a window cleaner, microfiber cloth and grip gum. Follow the easy steps given below:

  1. Buy a soft wire brush from the local shop.
  2. Make a soap solution and fill it in  the bowl
  3. Add lemon for fresh smell 
  4. Dip the brush in bowl and scrub the grip tape surface with soft hand. It should be done this way the water should not seep into the wood.
  5. Dry the board with a soft muslin cloth
  6. Make sure bottom of the wood is also completely dry
  7. Allow the board to dry for upto three hours 
  8. If still there is any residual, remove it with the grip gum

Where to buy the Grip Tape?

Grip tape being the essential part of the skateboard can be found in the local market. But always look for the best brands, no matter if they are expensive.  Although you can easily find a variety of grip tape on online stores like Amazon. Online stores give you more freedom to choose the product as per your requirements keeping competitive price for the product. They clearly mention all the specification of the product along with correct dosage and how to use the product. You can also go through various reviews of the buyers on Amazon and decide which one you must go for.  It all depends on you if you wish to buy the grip tape from a shop near you or from an online store without Stepping out of home.


Any skateboard is incomplete without a good quality grip tape. It’s an essential part. However over a period of time it gets worn out or get damaged,  in that case go either for a new grip tape or replace the old one. It’s not difficult to remove the grip tape as it can be easily done with the help of a hair dryer. 

Keep the grip tape in good condition by following little things when riding the skateboard.  Always wear clean shoes and make sure that the shoes are dirt or dust free before you start the ride. Install grip tape with much patience and care. 

Types Of Skateboards

With time skateboards too have evolved, since the early days of clay and steel wheels.  Now, we have different types of skateboards available in the market depending upon the choice of the customer.  70s was the era when we saw precision bearings and urethane wheels. Street skating was the product of 80s and it became homogenized  into its current form in 90s. Many skateboard brands like Element, Plan B, Zero OR Blind came into light during his period. 

Types Of Skateboards



Street skateboarding is all about doing tricks and transitions smoothly in public places.  It is mostly done in plazas, urban streets and industrial areas. A street skateboard should have wheel around 48-55mm and the deck should be narrower than usual deck.  This allows the rider to take flips and spins much easily and quickly. The wheel should be made out of polyurethane material as it gives extreme hardness to the wheels. Wheel size has to be small which makes the board tighter.  Due to this, inertia overcomes quickly and tricks are much smoother and cleaner.


They come in all shapes and sizes but an ideal longboard skateboard is 33inches or longer.  It is a great and convenient mode of transport and very comfortable for cruising. These skateboards are good for beginners as they can be easily manoevured and are very stable.  They are fast due to wheel size and make big swooping turns. Longboard skateboard also provide smooth ride on rough ground. But carrying them around can be a hassle. They are typically used for downhill flat roads.  Three main types of longboards are

Pin Tail

  1. Provides plenty of foot space
  2. Shape prevents the wheel from touching the board
  3. Allow deep carving turns
  4. Good for cruising

Twin Tip

  1. Symmetrical nose and tail
  2. Design avoids wheelbite
  3. Great for deep carves
  4. Have fraction and grip on speedy downhill

Cruiser longboard

  1. Have kicktail on the back
  2. Higher trucks, larger and softer wheels
  3. Bushings are much more flexible
  4. Easy to ride and turn


The distinguished feature in this longboard is its deck, which has the shape of a fishtail hence It can easily be identified.  Every part and piece of old schoolboard is bigger than usual but it sports a smaller nose. The shape of wheels, tail and board is very old fashioned.  But it carries a classic touch. Therefore it is called as old school board. These boards carry graphic and designs. The rails underneath help in balancing so that there is no requirement to balance the front and back wheels and they also provide smooth ride on rough terrain.  The wheels are bigger and softer and trucks are as wide as the deck. They have a square tail and width which be over 9 inches long. 


They are smaller than cruiser skateboard and very convenient to carry arounf.  These skateboards are made of wood or plastic. They have great grip and balance.  A very convenient mode of transport and cruising around. It allows you a smooth rides, tricks and flips.  They are typically used for downhill flat roads, parks and bowl. They do not have much speed for speed enthusiasts.  For beginners, they may not be the right choice due to stability and manoevurability.


They are used to skate down a course often marked with comes made of plastic.  They have to be faster and smoother, and most slalom skateboards are designed in such a way that they increases the speed, traction and turning.  Their wheel are larger and softer which is boost for grips and speed of the wheel. In these skateboards, boards are larger than usual skateboards.  It also consists of foam and carbon fiber to make them stronger and more responsive.


It promotes high speed in less time, although it requires accuracy and precision.  To ride a downhill skateboard, things like sliding, drifting, air braking and coming to a fast and full stop whenever required have to be learned.  It is basically for the expert riders. It is an advanced form of skateboarding. Some of the best skateboards used for downhill skateboarding are drop-platform,  top-mount and the drop-through skateboards. The deck is usually stiff having a small or medium range wheelbase. It should also have some form of concave to prevent feet from slipping and should have enough stability while facing terminal velocity.


As the name suggests, they are mad for skateboarding in pool .  The pool skateboard should be around 8.5inches in width. It should have a good width to provide stability, control and a smooth ride.  An additional width also increases the life span of the skateboard. During the process rider deals with huge landings that is why it is wide enough to withstand the pressure.  The wheelbase is around 15 to 18 inches.


There are  so many types of skateboards available now.  It purely is choice of a customer according to their requirements.  If you are a beginner, choose a wide skateboard with average weight as it gives the perfect stability and safety too.  Always start with basic skateboard, and you master the art of skateboarding, gradually move towards more advanced skateboards but never play with your safety.


Best 7 Electric Skateboard

Electric Skateboard

Electric Skateboard is a sports equipment used for skateboarding.  It is a small piece of wooden board carrying the shape of a surfboard with flour wheels attached to it.  It consists of three parts that are, deck, truck and the wheel. The deck is the actual board. It is the plane wooden surface on which rider balances himself and rides.  The truck is the component which is usually made of metal that holds the wheels to the deck. An average deck is 32 inches in length, 8 inch in width and is a little less than 0.5 inch thick.  The nose and tail of the deck is defined and it is concave in the idle. The wheels of a skateboard are made of polyurethane. All the skateboard might be close to same in appearance, or when it comes to their designs and shapes but the characteristics of the skateboard vary which entirely depends upon the use of the skateboard.  Some skateboards are specifically built for speed, slalom and freestyle

Skateboards mainly are of two types- long board and short board.  A skateboard should also be concave in the middle to carry out stunts and different tricks.  Long boards are usually faster, they are mostly used for cruising and racing while short boards can be used to do various tricks and can be ride it in skate parks.

Electric Skateboard

How electric skateboard is different from other skateboards?

An electric skateboard is basically a motorized skateboard which is convenient, more faster and more progressive.  The speed of the electric skateboard is usually controlled by a hand held remote. In some cases, it gains the movement by shifting of the body weight of the rider from one place to the other.  For forward motion, body weight shifting is between front of the board, and rear for brake. If you want to change the direction of the travel, tilt either it to the right or to the left by adjusting the skateboard towards the desired direction.  Electric skateboard should not be considered vehicle, consequently to ride an electric skateboard the rider needs no licence or registration. They usually weigh around 10kgs and have top speed between 15-50km/hr.

Electric skateboard is also referred as e-board or e-skateboard.  Since it is driven by an electric motor, it can accelerate and brake independently, which is the major difference between a normal skateboard and an electric skateboard.

It contains various components, and all these components can be distinjuished in three cateogories:

  1. Basic Components

  2. Mechanical Components

  3. Electrical Components


  1. Deck

This is the platform of the rider and the biggest part of the electric skateboard.  It is usually made out of wood, maple plywood is preferred the most. In some decks, a layer of fiberglass or carbon is used which gives them more strength and rigidity.  If the deck is made up of fiberglass or carbon, it will be lighter, durable and stronger. Although a wooden deck is always a favorite. The underside of the deck is usually printed or painted as the choice of a customer or sometimes it is also left blank and the it’s upto the customer how creative they can be. The decks have different shapes such as freeride, cruiser, downhill.

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  1. Truck

The truck are the axis of an electric skateboard.  They are made out of metal and have two main functions. The first function is to transfer the body weight from deck to the bearings and wheels.  Another function is that help in turns. They are one of the most essential part of skateboard.

  1. Wheels

The main function of the wheel is to transfer the weight from the trucks to the pavement.  They are made of polyurethane. They come in variety of shapes, sizes and colors according to the skating and boarding.  Wheels with larger diameter roll faster, accelerate slowly and move more easily over cracks. Wheels with smaller diameter keep the board close to ground requiring less force to accelerate.

  1. Ball Bearings

They are usually made of steel or sometimes out of silicon-nitride.  They are the ones responsible for perfect rolling of the wheels. Each wheel is mounted with the help of two bearings.  Bearings need regular cleaning and lubrication. A complete ball bearing cleaning and maintaining comes in market. The maintanence of the bearing is necessary.

  1. Grip Tape

It normally comes in black color, although various other colors are available in the market.  It is applied to the top surface of a board to allow rider to stay on board when he is accelerating, braking or doing turns or tricks.   It helps to transfer all the feet movement to the deck.


Motor is one of the most important parts of an electric skateboard and it is why electric skateboard is so convenient to ride.  


This is placed directly inside the wheel.  It works quietly and looks stealthy. Due to its placement, hub motor is exposed t concussions.  Though being a motor it will be producing considerable amount of heat but as it is caged and not ventilated, it takes much time in cooling. Due to this reason, it has holes in motor-casing which does no t make it water resistant.


This is classic and conservative motor.  In this, an electric motor drives the motor pulley, which is connected to the wheel pulley through the belt.  Belt motor is exposed to the air, hence it gets cooled easily. Consequently, it doesn’t require holes and is water resistant. 


  1. Battery

The function of the battery is to supply power to the motor and it is referred as the energy storage device in the system.  Battery is the heaviest component in an electric skateboard. The most common battery in an electric skateboard is Lithium-ion battery.  Battery comes in various shapes, varieties and chemistry.


This is referred as the brain of the entire system.  It is connected to the battery and decides the inputs for the battery.  ECS connects to the battery, motor and Bluetooth receiver. It also has got a computer for data processing. 


They are the devices used for acceleration or applying the brakes.  These remote controls come in variety, some are slideable or some come in form of trigger button.


These are wireless and very convenient.  The Bluetooth transmitter is located inside the controller and from here it sends signals to Bluetooth receiver, allowing a wireless communication between remote control and the skateboard.



They raise the safety bar of an electric skateboard, as they make rider visible on road.  White LED light is generally used for front and red LED light is used at the back.


They protect the nose of an electric skateboard from any kind of damage.  They are made out of plastic and come in variety of shape and color.


Majority of skateboards come with a single battery, so it is advisable to carry an extra battery for longer rides.  It keeps the ride uninterrupted and smooth.


The wheel of the skateboards are protected if wheel guard is there.  From all the outside elements like dirt, dust , water etc. that can damage the wheel, these wheel guard protect them.



They raise the safety bar of an electric skateboard, as they make rider visible on road.  White LED light is generally used for front and red LED light is used at the back.


They protect the nose of an electric skateboard from any kind of damage.  They are made out of plastic and come in variety of shape and color.


Majority of skateboards come with a single battery, so it is advisable to carry an extra battery for longer rides.  It keeps the ride uninterrupted and smooth.


The wheel of the skateboards are protected if wheel guard is there.  From all the outside elements like dirt, dust , water etc. that can damage the wheel, these wheel guard protect them.


  1. Easy to learn as they can be adjusted and come with three different levels, learner, standard and expert mode.
  2. The handheld wireless control or the remote control enable a smooth ride and the ride needs no physical push.
  3. Regenerated power enable smooth run to the system.
  4. The electric skateboards have the capacity of achieving top speeds of 25mph on a level ground.
  5. They are 100% eco-friendly as they do not cause any pollution.
  6. They can either be battery operated or can be manual, depending on the choice of the user.



They are heavier than the usual skateboards.  As they consists of inbuilt battery, brake pads and motors,  all this makes them heavy. Stunts cannot be performed on this.


Although all types of people enjoy the ride on these electric skateboards but people with less weight are at advantage, for can easily manage the ride with no or minimal balance issue and they can still be creative with the skateboard owing to less weight.  Also, when a heavy person rides the skateboard, it demands more power and battery can drain easily.



  • Excellent performance
  • Top speed is 24mph
  • Extended range 14 miles
  • Super Flex Composite Deck
  1. Boosted  Mini X
  • Powerful and agile
  • Top speed is 20mph
  • Extended range 14 miles
  • Deep Dish Composite Deck
  1. Boosted  Plus
  • Classic and trendy
  • Top speed is 22mph
  • Super Flex Composite Deck
  • Extended range is 14 miles
  1. Boosted Mini S
  • Small and mighty
  • Top speed is 18mph
  • Standard range 7 miles
  • Deep Dish Composite Deck
  • Strong and durable
  • Effortless Rolling
  • Chargeable battery
  • Built with battery manager system
  • LED remote
  • Speeds up to 10mph
  • Can be continuously used for 40 minutes
  • Uncompromising quality
  • Digital remote control
  • Reverse kingpin trucks for enhanced stability
  • Dynamic LED wheel light add to color and style
  • Robust dual 250w motors
  • Efficient and stable battery
  • Sturdy, durable and ready to roll

While riding the electric skateboards, safety should be always in mind.  As they are convenient but faster than the traditional skateboards, we must be cautious while riding.  Selection of the right electric skateboard should be done keeping all necessary factors in mind. Before starting the ride, check all about the electric skateboard.


Best 7 Skateboard Decks

Skateboard Decks


Skateboard Decks

When you want to do skateboarding, what comes first in mind are the skateboards. Skateboards consists of three important parts, skateboard decks, trucks and wheel. Skateboard decks come in various sizes and shapes depending on how the customer wants to use them. While purchasing a skateboard various queries come into the mind regarding its shape, size and designs. Although when we go through the history of the skateboards, we see that the skateboards have gone through many phases of developments and changes. The skateboard decks that are made today are made with specific width, length, shapes and constructions depending on the particular terrain. Most decks are made out of North American Maple Wood, which makes them strong and durable.  To make a skateboard, seven layers of maple wood are interlaid with water based glue and pressed together under high pressure. The size of a deck is always measured in American unit of inches.

Our Recommendations


Skateboard Decks

The board is divided into three parts, first is nose which is the front part, second the wheelbase which is between the trucks and third the tail which is the rear part. Here the nose is always slightly wider and steeper than the tail. With the help of graphics also one can distinguish between the nose and the tail. They more are rounded at the end, flatter and steeper, but this all is based on the type of board.  It is observed that flat nose and tail provides a better board feel, while steeper nose and tail lend more pop to the deck. If the deck is short, it feels more agile but if the deck is long, it is more smoother and stable.


The longitudinal curvature of the skateboard deck is referred to as concave. If the curvature is high, it improves steering and flipping because one can put more pressure on the edges. There are three types of concave, low, high and medium. Although while making these boards each brand differs when it comes to concave. 

  • Low Concave

  1. They have a slight curvature

  2. More stable to ride but hinders agility

  3. Most difficult to flip

  • Medium Concave

  1. Majority of skateboard decks are medium concave

  2. They stand somewhere between high and low concave

  • High Concave

  1. Have a very pronounced curvature

  2. Agile board , easy to flip

  3. Still are in for errors


All different forms of skateboarding requires different types of deck. Considering this fact, the decks have been developed in various shapes.

  • Street Skateboard Decks

  1. Deck for street and parks.

  2. It is twin tip indicating that nose and tail are virtually are of sake shapes

  3. Easy to ride and a standard skateboard

  • Pool/Bowl decks

  1. They are in for transition skating

  2. A bit wider with the width upwards of 8.25’’

  3. They are broader and reminiscent of old school skateboards.

  4. Commonly referred as shaped decks.

  • Shaped Decks

  1. They are hybrid form of street skateboard and pool deck.

  2. They have pronounced concaves.

  3. Curved nose and tail

  4. Can do all the tricks with them

  • Cruisers

  1. Made of maple and bamboo

  2. Differ in length, width and shape

  3. Softer wheel and easy to manoeuvre

  4. Perfectly suited for cities

  5. Small curved tail and flat nose


The length of the skateboard plays an important role during the ride. The balance on the skateboard is linked with our heights too. It is noticed that wider decks are longer in size but ofcourse they would not performing the same as we can do with shorter decks. Wider decks makes it easy to do the spin or rotation tricks although longer boards are more comfortable as they hold more surface to catch and are easy while landing.


To find a deck with correct width of our choice, the shoe size factor is also important. Always chose a deck according to your shoe size without compromising in it as it will make the ride safer and more comfortable. Always keep in mind the bigger the shoes, the wider the deck should be.


The should be proportionate to your body, like the smaller you are , the shorter the deck should be and it is especially for the beginners who need to balance themselves riding the skateboard. Although a slightly smaller board is easier to control but for long rides, it is advisable to go for the longer ones.

Weight is another important factor to consider while choosing the deck. We recommend 8-ply construction or deck made with special impact technologies for the ones on heavier side, else there would always be the danger of breaking the deck and landing your feet directly over the trucks and thus, injuring yourself.


They come with cool designs that are bound to catch the eye of the customer and comes in various different styles to choose according to personal taste. They are trendy, sturdy and long lasting.


  • Made with bamboo and Maplewood
  • Features concave design
  • Shock absorbing and incredibly comfortable
  • Light and flexible
  • Long lasting and has variety


  • Doesn’t come with grip tape

  • Doesn’t come with the wheel
  • Graphics are on the bottom of the wheel

It lets you being more creative and artistic with the sport. Made of highest quality bamboo wood making it sustainable. It is long lasting and flexible during the rides.


  • Made of high quality bamboo wood
  • Durable and long lasting giving a comfortable ride to the customer
  • Affordable and absorbs shocks
  • Plain and environment friendly deck
  • Comes in different sizes


  • Carries blemishes

  • Easily breakable
  • Not very strong

It has incredible strength and known for its thinner, stronger and longer 7 ply design. Allows you to do tricks with lots of perfection owing to its construction.


  • Thinner, stronger and lighter
  • Gives the customer room for perfection
  • Incredibly strong
  • Resistant to shock and breakage
  • Comes with long lasting pop


  • Brittle edges
  • Doesn’t come with wheel

  • Medium concave

It is a blank and longboard which is absolutely perfect for the beginners. With perfect concave, it makes easy for the rider to go for tricks and stunts.


  • Made with bamboo and Maplewood
  • Flexible, durable and light
  • Good concave design and balances perfectly
  • Comes in three different sizes, mini, cruiser and standardNose and tail are similar in size


  • Does not include grip

  • Deck can have wood stains
  • It is only for the starters

They were rage of 80’s that has again come back in demand. They provide good balance and control when riding and performing the stunts.


  • Has a wheel base of 15 inches
  • Comes in four different colors
  • Features low concave design
  • Affordable replica of original version


  • Not well packaged

  • No grip tape
CA7 Skateboard Deck

It comes in 10 different color to suit the taste of the customer. It is blank so the customer can be creative with it as much as it wants to be.


  • Includes a grip tape
  • Made from 7 ply Chinese Maplewood
  • Highly durable and long lasting
  • Available in different length and sizes
  • Features medium concave


  • Grip tape does not come applied

  • Only 4 length available
  • Not ideal for street running

One of the cheapest and affordable deck which was originally manufactured by MPI in 1970s’”. This deck is good for riding and can also be hanged for display for its retro style.


  • Features an old school hole pattern
  • 70s style wooden deck
  • Hole pattern compatible with modern design
  • 8 ply construction


  • No concave for control

  • Does not come with grip tape
  • Trucks that fit are hard to find


Choosing a skateboard deck in entirely a personal choice of the customer, you may go for a plain one and make it more creative or go for funky ones or few can go for the vintage decks too. But it all depends upon the choice of the customer. The most important thing to remember is the safety of the deck and for this one must look for the strength of deck if possible. Just going for funky design without looking for other safety measures can be very risky affair. Happy skating!