Top 5 Best Skateboard Brands

zero skateboards
zero skateboards

Best Skateboard Brands, Skateboarding has become  a very popular sport among the young generation.  They love riding the board for it gives the thrill and also is like an adventure sport that today’s kids and even the adults love to do. Skateboarding doesn’t require huge equipment or a big set up, it requires only a skateboard which should be of best quality and the gear which keeps skateboarder safe while its riding the skateboard.  Riding a skateboard requires not only skill which comes with patience and immense practice for the same, but a good skateboard is as important as it’s important to master the skill. 

In our article, we are bringing to you some of the best Skateboard brands with all required descriptions for your convenience so that it becomes really easy to select the best one. It generally becomes like a headache to select a skateboard that we should go for, this is so because there are so many options available and finding the most suitable ones becomes really difficult.  

But to make your work easy, here are our top brands suggestions with description related to it for the convenience of the consumers:

zero skateboards

The Zero brand has the reputation of being one of the best brands. It was started in Carlsbad, CA and soon it went to be one of the top brands of skateboards.  Zero brand was designed by pro skater Jamie Thomas. This brand offers great stability and can be easily maneuvered, hence it is wonderful while learning new tricks. Even its inbuilt features too contribute in making it a fantastic skateboard.  

The team of Zero skateboards mainly consists of close knit group of pro skateboard riders who share the same passion and have the expertise in this field which clearly indicates that they have that knowledge to build the skateboard for all kind of skateboarders. 

The best part of this brand is their design and innovation which keeps them ahead of their competitors and mostly on the top position.

The Best features of Zero Skateboards:

Mild concave design of the Deck

The mild concave design of this skateboards is definitely a highlight point as it gives a tremendous stability to the rider and keeps a skater losing the board while performing the tricks and while turning. Hence, the fall is resisted and the performance is highly improved.  The concave design results in smooth ride, stability and smooth cruising which is important for grind and skating. This is a great choice for beginners and for intermediate  level skaters as it makes you feel safe. This is a perfect combination of innovation and inbuilt features that is helpful for any level of skateboarders and making it best among all the skateboard brand.

Standard Hardware Goes Into Making 

This brand believes to keep it simple when it comes to assembling a skateboard. It uses the original hardware for skateboards.  It generally works on its tried and tested features and keeps it skateboarder friendly which means that the rider can easily assemble its skateboard without much hassle. 

Smooth Maneuverability for high trucks

Zero brand is very well aware of the fact that rider Maneuverability is extremely important.  The best feature for beginner’s is that the high trucks also offer better stability for grinds.

globe skateboards

Globe Skateboards was started in 1994 and soon owing to its consistent performance,  it has grown in size and in fame as well. It’s now a renowned brand in world over which makes skateboard deck, trucks, wheels and apparel.  Their products are widely popular and they are known for their high quality and reliability when it comes to the performance.  Globe skateboards design everything that you would need for skateboarding and all related to it. They have made a reputation in the global market and are very passionate to maintain it.  Their high quality products and wide variety of products you need for skateboarding which are available worldwide make them one of the best brands in skateboards.

Best Features Of Globe Skateboards:

The designs are innovative 

Their designs are unique and they make for stand-out-in-the-crowd kinds of designs.  The brand was developed by professional skateboarders who knew the that topline skateboards were not available everywhere, but Globe skateboards changed the market completely. 

Unique Features 

Since the founders of the Globe Skateboards are pro skateboarders, hence they knew what was the demand and need of the market and designed their skateboards keeping this in mind. They make superior quality products with uniqueness in each design.  

The product line is impressive 

This company produces all the products related to skateboards and skateboarding. You name it and they have it. With there worldwide reach, the products are easily available anywhere which makes this brand a huge hit.

Punked Skateboards

These are hot selling brands featuring one of the best boards and long boards. They have made with lots of thoughtfulness and expertise, and their design and usefulness gives the skaters more balance and control of their boards. Their graphics are eye catching, creative and attractive.  They create the boards for beginners,  intermediate and professional skateboarders.  They produce the kind of skateboards that you would adore and they are considered as one of the best skateboard brands. 

Best Features Of Punked Skateboards:

Light weight and Durable Skateboards 

The Punked Skateboards are not only strong but highly durable and lightweight.  The boards are sturdy and flexible because each board is designed from robust 9ply maple wood.  

The graphics are eye catching 

This is one of the prime features of this brand that they create unique and attractive skateboards and any skateboarder can find a board that can match their own style.

Long distance boards

They create boards especially for long rides making it sure that the rides are smooth and enjoyable without uninterrupted stops that would otherwise ruin the smooth cruising.  

element skateboards

This is one of the coolest brands in skateboard industry.  It comes in the list of best skateboards because of it’s high quality and affordable price. As their skateboards cause no damage to the environment,  they are called as environment friendly skateboards which are cool enough to make it to one of the top brands. 

Best Features Of Element Skateboards:

Varied material used for skateboards 

When we see most of the brands using standard method of construction,  this board uses thrift wood,  which makes the board affordable and feather light in weight. Their boards are lightweight boards. 

Clean lines for graphics 

Element skateboards follow a pattern when it comes to graphics  they are usually with clean lines with minimalistic design for their graphics. 

Air chambers

As the air chambers in the helium lines have planted the length of the deck , it consequently adds strength without adding weight which makes the board sturdy and strong.

alien workshop

This brand gives you exceptional quality skateboards at affordable prices. It was created by Chris Carter, Mike Hill and Neil Blender. This brand is popular as it makes the effort to bring innovative design to its products at affordable price.  They are unique for their top notch innovations and quality boards at affordable prices. 

Best Features Of Alien Workshop:

Corrugated Technology 

They make lightweight skateboards using standard 7 ply wood,  hence even after frequent usage it would not wear out easily. Due to lightweight,  it is very useful when Ollies are performed.  Their boards are also very helpful in learning new tricks and practicing.

The price is very affordable 

Alien workshop are known to create such skateboards with non-treated exteriors and sparse graphics. Consequently,  their is cost cutting when it comes to prices,  due to this feature , the skateboards are less expensive to manufacture.  They make top quality skateboards with are budget friendly. 

They offer innovative designs 

Their innovative ideas make them unique and class apart. With each product they create, the innovation in their designs are the most important thing that they keep in mind. They bring top quality products with uniqueness in the design. But they design the product in such ways that it still remains within the reach of everyone.  They create designs using latest technology and hence it sets then apart from the rest of the brands.

Final Words

Skateboarding is a unique sport which requires enormous balance and patience.  Skateboarding is fun, it reflects you somewhere as you choose the skateboard and do your tricks. You need to have the perseverance to learn skateboarding properly. One of the most important thing in it is an excellent skateboards.  Although skateboarding is thrilling but there is always the risk involved and hence skateboard from a top brands is very important to buy. It ensures you the safety along with superior quality skateboards. Riding a top class skateboard is an experience of it’s own. It would be Durable,  long lasting and smooth to ride on. With top skateboards,  you can easily hone your skills , you have great control,  Maneuverability and exhilarated cruising.  To enjoy skateboarding, always purchase the skateboard of a best brand.