Best 7 Skateboard Decks


Skateboard Decks

When you want to do skateboarding, what comes first in mind are the skateboards. Skateboards consists of three important parts, skateboard decks, trucks and wheel. Skateboard decks come in various sizes and shapes depending on how the customer wants to use them. While purchasing a skateboard various queries come into the mind regarding its shape, size and designs. Although when we go through the history of the skateboards, we see that the skateboards have gone through many phases of developments and changes. The skateboard decks that are made today are made with specific width, length, shapes and constructions depending on the particular terrain. Most decks are made out of North American Maple Wood, which makes them strong and durable.  To make a skateboard, seven layers of maple wood are interlaid with water based glue and pressed together under high pressure. The size of a deck is always measured in American unit of inches.

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Skateboard Decks

The board is divided into three parts, first is nose which is the front part, second the wheelbase which is between the trucks and third the tail which is the rear part. Here the nose is always slightly wider and steeper than the tail. With the help of graphics also one can distinguish between the nose and the tail. They more are rounded at the end, flatter and steeper, but this all is based on the type of board.  It is observed that flat nose and tail provides a better board feel, while steeper nose and tail lend more pop to the deck. If the deck is short, it feels more agile but if the deck is long, it is more smoother and stable.


The longitudinal curvature of the skateboard deck is referred to as concave. If the curvature is high, it improves steering and flipping because one can put more pressure on the edges. There are three types of concave, low, high and medium. Although while making these boards each brand differs when it comes to concave. 

  • Low Concave

  1. They have a slight curvature

  2. More stable to ride but hinders agility

  3. Most difficult to flip

  • Medium Concave

  1. Majority of skateboard decks are medium concave

  2. They stand somewhere between high and low concave

  • High Concave

  1. Have a very pronounced curvature

  2. Agile board , easy to flip

  3. Still are in for errors


All different forms of skateboarding requires different types of deck. Considering this fact, the decks have been developed in various shapes.

  • Street Skateboard Decks

  1. Deck for street and parks.

  2. It is twin tip indicating that nose and tail are virtually are of sake shapes

  3. Easy to ride and a standard skateboard

  • Pool/Bowl decks

  1. They are in for transition skating

  2. A bit wider with the width upwards of 8.25’’

  3. They are broader and reminiscent of old school skateboards.

  4. Commonly referred as shaped decks.

  • Shaped Decks

  1. They are hybrid form of street skateboard and pool deck.

  2. They have pronounced concaves.

  3. Curved nose and tail

  4. Can do all the tricks with them

  • Cruisers

  1. Made of maple and bamboo

  2. Differ in length, width and shape

  3. Softer wheel and easy to manoeuvre

  4. Perfectly suited for cities

  5. Small curved tail and flat nose


The length of the skateboard plays an important role during the ride. The balance on the skateboard is linked with our heights too. It is noticed that wider decks are longer in size but ofcourse they would not performing the same as we can do with shorter decks. Wider decks makes it easy to do the spin or rotation tricks although longer boards are more comfortable as they hold more surface to catch and are easy while landing.


To find a deck with correct width of our choice, the shoe size factor is also important. Always chose a deck according to your shoe size without compromising in it as it will make the ride safer and more comfortable. Always keep in mind the bigger the shoes, the wider the deck should be.


The should be proportionate to your body, like the smaller you are , the shorter the deck should be and it is especially for the beginners who need to balance themselves riding the skateboard. Although a slightly smaller board is easier to control but for long rides, it is advisable to go for the longer ones.

Weight is another important factor to consider while choosing the deck. We recommend 8-ply construction or deck made with special impact technologies for the ones on heavier side, else there would always be the danger of breaking the deck and landing your feet directly over the trucks and thus, injuring yourself.


They come with cool designs that are bound to catch the eye of the customer and comes in various different styles to choose according to personal taste. They are trendy, sturdy and long lasting.


  • Made with bamboo and Maplewood
  • Features concave design
  • Shock absorbing and incredibly comfortable
  • Light and flexible
  • Long lasting and has variety


  • Doesn’t come with grip tape

  • Doesn’t come with the wheel
  • Graphics are on the bottom of the wheel

It lets you being more creative and artistic with the sport. Made of highest quality bamboo wood making it sustainable. It is long lasting and flexible during the rides.


  • Made of high quality bamboo wood
  • Durable and long lasting giving a comfortable ride to the customer
  • Affordable and absorbs shocks
  • Plain and environment friendly deck
  • Comes in different sizes


  • Carries blemishes

  • Easily breakable
  • Not very strong

It has incredible strength and known for its thinner, stronger and longer 7 ply design. Allows you to do tricks with lots of perfection owing to its construction.


  • Thinner, stronger and lighter
  • Gives the customer room for perfection
  • Incredibly strong
  • Resistant to shock and breakage
  • Comes with long lasting pop


  • Brittle edges
  • Doesn’t come with wheel

  • Medium concave

It is a blank and longboard which is absolutely perfect for the beginners. With perfect concave, it makes easy for the rider to go for tricks and stunts.


  • Made with bamboo and Maplewood
  • Flexible, durable and light
  • Good concave design and balances perfectly
  • Comes in three different sizes, mini, cruiser and standardNose and tail are similar in size


  • Does not include grip

  • Deck can have wood stains
  • It is only for the starters

They were rage of 80’s that has again come back in demand. They provide good balance and control when riding and performing the stunts.


  • Has a wheel base of 15 inches
  • Comes in four different colors
  • Features low concave design
  • Affordable replica of original version


  • Not well packaged

  • No grip tape
CA7 Skateboard Deck

It comes in 10 different color to suit the taste of the customer. It is blank so the customer can be creative with it as much as it wants to be.


  • Includes a grip tape
  • Made from 7 ply Chinese Maplewood
  • Highly durable and long lasting
  • Available in different length and sizes
  • Features medium concave


  • Grip tape does not come applied

  • Only 4 length available
  • Not ideal for street running

One of the cheapest and affordable deck which was originally manufactured by MPI in 1970s’”. This deck is good for riding and can also be hanged for display for its retro style.


  • Features an old school hole pattern
  • 70s style wooden deck
  • Hole pattern compatible with modern design
  • 8 ply construction


  • No concave for control

  • Does not come with grip tape
  • Trucks that fit are hard to find


Choosing a skateboard deck in entirely a personal choice of the customer, you may go for a plain one and make it more creative or go for funky ones or few can go for the vintage decks too. But it all depends upon the choice of the customer. The most important thing to remember is the safety of the deck and for this one must look for the strength of deck if possible. Just going for funky design without looking for other safety measures can be very risky affair. Happy skating!