How to build a skateboard [5 Easy Steps]


Skateboarding is a sport that is a combination of action, adventure  excitement, thrill, and creativity. It us a recreational activity. For some people this is also a mode of transport.  Skateboarding is becoming hugely popular among many and mist of its fans come from United States of America. 

     Apart from being a fun sport, it also is a great exercise for the body as it strengthens the heart and tones the muscles of the body.   Now we see that skateboarding is not only just a sport but also is an amazing activity comprising of multiple benefits. 

      You must know that skateboarding has entered in the list of top ten sports in the world. 

What is a skateboard?

Skateboarding is done on a skateboard. The skateboard is usually made up of  7- ply maple plywood deck with a polyurethane coating, which us required for the durability and smoothness of wheels, that are attached underside. 

Basics of a Skateboard 

A skateboard is a small of piece of wood in the shape of a surfboard,with  four wheels attached to it. This is the simplest way to explain a skateboard.

          A skateboard is made up of three main components-

  1. Deck
  2. Trucks
  3. Wheels

The deck is the part on which the rider stands.  This is a flat round board but since the shape of the deck evolved, now a typical deck has both an unturned nose and tail.   Also it is concave in the middle. This concave design is necessary in all the decks as due to this feature, the skateboarder can have a good control over the skateboard while performing the stunt. The deck may vary in width depending upon your choices and the type of skateboarding you want to pursue.  It is always suggested to use a wide board for vert skating and a narrow board for street skating. It is safe this way.

    Trucks of the skateboard make sure that your movement is transferred to the wheels so that you can turn them as and when you want. They are T- shaped turn parts that are found under the deck with wheels attached.   The better your trucks are, the better will your ride. Size of the truck matters. Their width should have same size as the width of the deck. This is an ideal truck size to provide maximum stability to skateboarder.  Always remember if the truck size is too narrow, the skateboard will be unstable and also if it is the skateboard is too wide then there are chances of hitting wheels with your shoes. 

      Skateboarding wheel is one of most essential part for they are the part of the skateboard that allows the rider to move and gradually increase the speed as they get expertise.  Skateboard wheel are typically made from polyurethane and they come in various shapes,sizes, and colors. All this depends upon the choice of the customer. Always remember that the small wheels result in slower rides and larger wheels result in faster rides.  Although wheels are the most important part but they are most frequent wear out too.


To build a skateboard you need: 

The part which is a flat board, on which skateboarder stands while skateboarding. 

They have to be mounted underside of the skateboard deck, to keep the wheels and bearings attached. 

Do keep this in mind that size and durability of the wheel should be correct. 

They can be of steel or ceramic but this is entirely your choice. 

Hardware connects skateboard trucks to the skateboard deck. 

They are essential for traction and grip you need while

 performing with the skateboard. 

They provide extra clearance between the wheels and the skateboard deck. This provides you safety when leaning into turns or priority with loose

This consists of Philips- head screwdriver, 1/8,inch ,3/8inch and 9/16 inches wrench and a utility knife. 


Building a skateboard is not a rocket science.   Anyone can do it by following the simple instructions we are providing to you.  It requires patience and precision. 

       Before you start the process,  you need to look for the perfect place which should be neat and clean with no stains.  It should essentially be a smooth surface. Gather all the required item at one place and start building the skateboard using the instructions given below. 

  • Affixing the Grip Tape 

Out of entire process, this is the trickiest one.  It requires a lot of patience and precision. You would want to do it perfectly as you get only one chance per sheet.

Lay the deck down on the towel with its bottom down.  Holding the grip tape vertically above the deck, separate the bottom portion of the grip tape backing from the tape.   Stick it to the top of the tail of the deck. Start to pull the backing off keeping the tape off the board. Gradually start pressing the grip tape gently with your palm from one end to the other.   Do not allow any air bubbles. This process shall be done with lots of patience. 

  • Mark the grip tape 

After you have affixed the grip tape perfectly onto the deck and let no air bubbles form in it,you will notice that extra grip tape is still hanging over the edges of the deck.   To remove the extra grip,mask the spot you have to remove. Scrap a screwdriver around the perimeter of the rough side of the grip tape, pressing it firmly. You can notice a white line from the top when you have done it.   This will be the outline of the deck that will have to be trimmed. 

  • Tape Trimming 

This has to be done carefully.   Hold the bottom with bottom down.  Do not let the skateboard move from its place.   Using a utility knife ,make a small incision and began slicing it.  You need to follow the marked white line. If you angle the blade toward the board ,it will keep grip tape from hanging over the edges.   Go all the way round the deck and now you will see a clean looking deck.

  • Mount the trucks

Poke holes through the grip tape that is covering the bolt holes. You need to use the screwdriver for this.   Place one bolt in each hole from the top, only on one hole. Insert the riser pads. Place the truck over the bolts.  

Attach the truck using nuts and bolts. Tighten each one in a circular manner till each one is secure.  Tighten untill the top of the bolts are flush with grip tape. Repeat the process for other truck.

  • Insert the Bearings 

Lubricate the Bearings. Turn the board on its side removing the wheel nut from one axle. Now place one bearing, then one spacer, then another bearing on the axle, now place a wheel on the top of it.  Press it firmly with the palm. Press on the other side too. Place the wheel, then a nut on axle and tighten the axle nut until it contact the bearing. If you notice that the wheels are still shaking, tighten it further.  If you spin the wheel and suddenly stops,then loose the nut slightly and fix it again. The wheels should be having a gradual movement. 

  • Make adjustments 

Now we have a fully functional skateboard in front of our eyes.  Few adjustments have to be made.   

Place your board on the ground and stand on top of it.  Start applying your heel pressure by shifting the body weight to the deck onto the trucks and the wheels.   Initially there can be some resistance but they should be moving. Loosening will make the board easy for maneuvering,  although tightening will make it more stable. Find your preference.  


Building your own skateboard gives you creative freedom, a sense of achievement,  a sense of learning and huge satisfaction. More and more are trying this as it is not a very complicated thing to do. Just assemble all the parts, find a clean place, and you can easily build a skateboard.  Do not try to make it in a hurry as it may be a spoil sport. There are also some people who like to start making it by starting from scratch which means right from building the deck to building the skateboard out of it.  But that process is too much time taking. Instead of it assemble the things and go for it. Always use best quality material for deck or truck. The wheels should always be sturdy and durable to withstand tremendous pressure.  Deck should always be having concave in the middle to better balance and should also have best quality grip tape for best traction and safety too. We hope to have provided you wish sufficient information to help you build your own skateboard.

how to build a skateboard