Best 5 Skateboard Helmets

Skateboarding is a sport that involves a single rider to ride it’s skateboard either on the road, or in skate parks, by themselves. It’s a sport with thrilling elements to it as while skateboarding, the rider can perform various tricks and stunts.  It allows the rider to be creative with their performances.  

Although, it’s a delight to watch a skateboarding event or such good stunts being performed infront of you but before any thing, safety should be the top most priority.   It is unsafe to ride the skateboard without wearing a skateboard helmet.   

A safety gear is a must for any skater.  We say that skateboarding is incomplete without a skateboard gear.  Therefore, besides all the necessary safety gear, wearing helmet is a must as it serves the purpose.

Skateboard Helmet

skateboard helmet

A skateboard helmet usually have a bucket shape with a hard exterior which is made from ABS plastics, fiberglass,  composite carbon fiber or kevlar. They have a soft foam interior and a cushion protective linen which slows the force of an impact.   

Why you must wear Skateboard Helmet?

Skateboard helmets is basically to protect your head from an injury be it a minor or a major one.  This can happen due the fall of rider which is usually affecting the head. In case you are a beginner,  and trying to balance yourself while riding the skateboard, you are bound to experience fall several times till you develop the expertise. In this case,  the helmet will give protection to your head. Also if you are a pro in this sport, still accident may happen so it is advised to wear the skateboard helmet. Many people think that they are smart enough to manage the fall, but this easy fall too, can turn into a fatal accident.  Hence we suggest that it is better to wear the skateboard helmet.

       Due to lack of proper safety gear, you can injure yourself but instead of doing so, following little simple things like wearing the skateboard is necessary.  They are mostly used by bowl and vert ramp riders. There are some people who use skateboard helmet for filming their ride by placing a small size camera on the top of  their helmets.

Why riders used to avoid wearing skateboard helmet ?

Now that the awareness is increasing among the people regarding safety issues while skateboarding, more people have started to use the helmets.  But there are still the ones, who find it difficult to wear and they have plenty of excuses for the same. All those people who have started wearing helmet do confirm that it is that easy to wear a helmet while skateboarding but once you wear it, after sometime, you get used to it.  With time that uncomfortable feeling gets settled and also you realise the importance of wearing the helmet. People complain that helmet slips during a stunt causing discomfort and creates high distraction for them. In summer, it gets lots of sweat and situation isn’t pretty but annoying. Many say that weight of the helmet is like an added pressure while doing a performance. 

Laws Regarding Skateboard Helment

As skateboarding is vastly becoming a  popular sport, many countries are coming up with laws regarding the safety issues of riders. In United States, it is compulsory for the rider to wear a skateboard helmet before they enter a skateboard park.  No entry is given without it and they can sanction a penalty too for not following the rules. In California, the law says that kids below 18 year have to wear helmet when they ride the skateboard or they will be fined.  These laws have been made keeping in mind the safety of the riders which means that the rider should enjoy the sport without getting injured. These laws cover the use of a helmet in skate parks and other recreational centres.   

Characteristics of an ideal helmet

You may have tried many helmets and few must have been excellent for you.  We have selected the key points for an ideal helmet and they say that an ideal helmet is:

  1. Worn flat on the head with bottom edge parallel to the ground 
  2. Sits low on your forehead
  3. Having tight fitting buckles
  4. Having pads inside that can either be installed or removed 
  5. Not moving in any direction when the head shakes 
  6. Not interfering with your movement, vibrations or hearing 
  7. Having side straps that form ‘V’ shape around each ear.

How to pick the ideal skateboard helmet?

  1. Start with  the right size
  • Bring the skateboarder

You must bring the skateboarder so that he can try the helmets and select them accordingly. 

  • Head size

Every has different head size.  It can be measured using a tape or a thread( which then can be measured on a scale). Wrap the measuring tape around the forehead circumference, just above their eyebrow.   The tape measure should be level from front to the back.

  • Size will vary

Each manufacturer will make helmet with their own specifications. Hence the size may vary. It is important to check out helmet brand fitting and size according to their size.2. Good Fitting

  • General fit

The skateboard helmet should perfect fit on the rider and there should be no space between the foam or padding and the skateboarders head.

  • Ask

As we understand that fitting of the helmet is essential but it all depends on the skater.   Still this must be confirmed that if the helmet is neither too tight or too loose for the rider. 

  • Hairstyle

Even the hairstyle matters when it comes to helmets. With a different hairstyle, the fitting of the helmet would also get affected. 

  • Coverage 

The helmet should be having a proper coverage. Rim of the helmet should align with skateboarders eyebrow.  Back of skateboard helmet should not touch the top of skateboarders neck.

  • Vision 

Helmet though should be giving proper coverage to the rider but it should be having complete and clear vision.

  • Side straps

They should make a ‘v,’ shape under and in front of the skateboarders ears.

  • Chin strap 

It should be centred under skateboarder’s chin and should fit snugly.  It should have only one finger gap between the strap and the chin. Once chin strap fastened  the helmet should not move more.3. Look for labels 

  • Helmet should be labelled as ‘Meet NOCSAE Standards’ and should be certified by the manufacturer. The labels indicates that the helmet was lab tested.
  • Date of manufacturer should be there so that the year of mention would be visible.

How to take care of your skateboard helmet?

  • Check for any damage 

Never wear a damaged helmet. Check whether it is not cracked,damaged etc. 

  • Cleaning

Clean your helmet inside out with warm water and soap solution.  Do not soak the helmet into the water solution. It should be kept away from heat. Do not use strong cleaners. 

  • Protect

This is entirely on your hand. Either be careful or be alert, so that none can seat or lean over your helmet.

  • Storage 

Never store your helmet inside the car. Always store it properly at a fixed place that is only for the helmet.  This place should neither be too hot nor too cold. Avoid direct sunlight. 

Best Skateboard Helmets

Among many that we came across, that too were good ones, we have picked the best ones for you, please take a look

Pro Tec Classic Skate Helmet 


  • Light weight and comfortable 
  • Quality construction 
  • Versatile protection 
  • Sturdy and durable 
  • Provides max air ventilation


  • Can get scratched by friction 
  • XXS pads include 
  • Strap doesn’t tighten enough for kids

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Punisher Pro Series Skateboard Helmet 


  • Good fitting 
  • Extra padding 
  • Easy to adjust strap
  • Comfortable 


  • Large for kids
  • Foam padding does not attach well to the outer shell
  • High price than quality 

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Razor V-17 Youth Skate Helmet 


  • Best skate helmet for kids
  • Light weight and affordable 
  • Vibrant color options


  • Unsuitable for all head sizes

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Triple Eight Certified Helmet


  • Dual certified
  • Comfortable 
  • Perfect for skaters,bikers,long board skaters


  • Not found

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Graffiti Custom Designed Skateboarding Helmets


  • Custom design 
  • Design can be removed and re designed
  • Options for adults n kids
  • CPSC certified 


  • Not found

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When you are skateboarding, wearing a protective gear is an essential element.  Wearing helmet and all the other things of safety gear is necessary so that they keep you safe from any of mishaps.  Enjoy the thrill of the skateboarding but keep your safe from any injury should always be the priority. Always wear the helmet to protect yourself from any head injury that can prove fatal.  Always go for best quality products which must meet or exceed safe standards of the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission ( CPSC). Never use a damaged helmet and replace it as soon as possible with a new one.  Always change the helmet after 5 years.Chose the perfect helmet for yourself, give little time, do a lil research if required, as market is full of helmets, don’t get co confused and with patience chose the best one.


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