Types Of Skateboards

With time skateboards too have evolved, since the early days of clay and steel wheels.  Now, we have different types of skateboards available in the market depending upon the choice of the customer.  70s was the era when we saw precision bearings and urethane wheels. Street skating was the product of 80s and it became homogenized  into its current form in 90s. Many skateboard brands like Element, Plan B, Zero OR Blind came into light during his period. 

Types Of Skateboards



Street skateboarding is all about doing tricks and transitions smoothly in public places.  It is mostly done in plazas, urban streets and industrial areas. A street skateboard should have wheel around 48-55mm and the deck should be narrower than usual deck.  This allows the rider to take flips and spins much easily and quickly. The wheel should be made out of polyurethane material as it gives extreme hardness to the wheels. Wheel size has to be small which makes the board tighter.  Due to this, inertia overcomes quickly and tricks are much smoother and cleaner.


They come in all shapes and sizes but an ideal longboard skateboard is 33inches or longer.  It is a great and convenient mode of transport and very comfortable for cruising. These skateboards are good for beginners as they can be easily manoevured and are very stable.  They are fast due to wheel size and make big swooping turns. Longboard skateboard also provide smooth ride on rough ground. But carrying them around can be a hassle. They are typically used for downhill flat roads.  Three main types of longboards are

Pin Tail

  1. Provides plenty of foot space
  2. Shape prevents the wheel from touching the board
  3. Allow deep carving turns
  4. Good for cruising

Twin Tip

  1. Symmetrical nose and tail
  2. Design avoids wheelbite
  3. Great for deep carves
  4. Have fraction and grip on speedy downhill

Cruiser longboard

  1. Have kicktail on the back
  2. Higher trucks, larger and softer wheels
  3. Bushings are much more flexible
  4. Easy to ride and turn


The distinguished feature in this longboard is its deck, which has the shape of a fishtail hence It can easily be identified.  Every part and piece of old schoolboard is bigger than usual but it sports a smaller nose. The shape of wheels, tail and board is very old fashioned.  But it carries a classic touch. Therefore it is called as old school board. These boards carry graphic and designs. The rails underneath help in balancing so that there is no requirement to balance the front and back wheels and they also provide smooth ride on rough terrain.  The wheels are bigger and softer and trucks are as wide as the deck. They have a square tail and width which be over 9 inches long. 


They are smaller than cruiser skateboard and very convenient to carry arounf.  These skateboards are made of wood or plastic. They have great grip and balance.  A very convenient mode of transport and cruising around. It allows you a smooth rides, tricks and flips.  They are typically used for downhill flat roads, parks and bowl. They do not have much speed for speed enthusiasts.  For beginners, they may not be the right choice due to stability and manoevurability.


They are used to skate down a course often marked with comes made of plastic.  They have to be faster and smoother, and most slalom skateboards are designed in such a way that they increases the speed, traction and turning.  Their wheel are larger and softer which is boost for grips and speed of the wheel. In these skateboards, boards are larger than usual skateboards.  It also consists of foam and carbon fiber to make them stronger and more responsive.


It promotes high speed in less time, although it requires accuracy and precision.  To ride a downhill skateboard, things like sliding, drifting, air braking and coming to a fast and full stop whenever required have to be learned.  It is basically for the expert riders. It is an advanced form of skateboarding. Some of the best skateboards used for downhill skateboarding are drop-platform,  top-mount and the drop-through skateboards. The deck is usually stiff having a small or medium range wheelbase. It should also have some form of concave to prevent feet from slipping and should have enough stability while facing terminal velocity.


As the name suggests, they are mad for skateboarding in pool .  The pool skateboard should be around 8.5inches in width. It should have a good width to provide stability, control and a smooth ride.  An additional width also increases the life span of the skateboard. During the process rider deals with huge landings that is why it is wide enough to withstand the pressure.  The wheelbase is around 15 to 18 inches.


There are  so many types of skateboards available now.  It purely is choice of a customer according to their requirements.  If you are a beginner, choose a wide skateboard with average weight as it gives the perfect stability and safety too.  Always start with basic skateboard, and you master the art of skateboarding, gradually move towards more advanced skateboards but never play with your safety.